Grant Information & Approval Process 

Our mission is to be a welcoming and inclusive organization dedicated to the well-being and education of every student and a relevant resource for our North Creek families and community.  


Grants enrich innovation by providing resources that support students’ classroom and/or extracurricular learning.  Generally, these grants fund materials, programs, tools, etc. that cannot be funded from the school budget or other sponsoring organizations. 

Qualifications and Eligibility:

  • Any student, parent, teacher or staff member who is a member of the North Creek High School PTSA may apply. 
  • Grants will only be awarded as a reimbursement of funds with corresponding receipts.
  • Grants may be fully or partially funded, or not funded at all.

A few items previously funded through the Grant Program include:

  • Second language (Japanese) outside enrichment & World Language Teachers 
  • Planners for students with IEP’s, ELL and AVID
  • Free item at Jag Day
  • Supplemental English 10 literary work 
  • NCHS Intercultural Festival
  • Stop the Bleed Kits
  • Safety Backpacks 


Each request is reviewed and voted on by the Grant Committee members. The cost of the program and the number of students it serves will be a primary factor in the granting of requests. Approval of grants will be decided by a simple majority of the Grants Committee. Grants are to be submitted before purchases are made. The Grant Committee will not reimburse grantees for expenses after the fact. Approved grants must be used in the school year in which they were approved, unless specifically noted in the approval. Funds may not be carried over into the next year without written approval.

How Do I Apply?

It’s easy! Fill out this online form. Go back and edit any time, and feel free to upload any supporting documents! Please use a separate form for each grant request.  Questions? Email the committee at


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