How does North Creek PTSA support my child?

PTSA is proud to have sponsored, funded or staffed a variety of events and programs including, but not limited to Staff Appreciation Events, Food Pantry, Senior Pancake Breakfast, providing basic necessities and food for students in the Nurse's Office, and Staff and Admin Grants. 

Why should I join North Creek PTSA?

We are part of the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which is the oldest child advocacy organization in the United States. The National PTA provides parents and families with a powerful legislative voice to speak on behalf of every child and the best tools to help their children be safe, healthy, and successful -- in school and in life.

Your membership is your voice (legislative voice) for the students of North Creek High School. The more members our PTA has, the more voting delegates we receive at the state level. More voting delegates means more votes that support the interests of our students and families. Our kids are worth the investment and a strong PTA illustrates our community's support to our school and children.

How does PTSA benefit me?

It pays to be a member of the NCHS PTSA. Washington State PTA and National PTA have made some strong partnerships with businesses and you can take advantage of the benefits. Check out some of the savings available:

Is my membership fee tax-deductible?

Yes! your membership fee, additional memberships, any memberships you sponsor, and any additional donation amount is tax deductible.

Who can join?

Anyone can be a PTSA member!

PTSA membership is open to everyone! Parents, guardians, students, grandparents, friends, extended family, neighbors, etc. PTSA is an inclusive organization and we invite all students and adults who care about schools to join. Although you may still participate in PTSA activities without a formal membership, by joining you gain the right to vote on PTSA issues - from board members to budgets! Join today!

If I can't afford a membership, can I still get one?

Yes! We have completely confidential membership scholarships that are available to anyone who requests. Request a scholarship by emailing our Membership Chair at

As a PTSA member, do I need to volunteer?

Volunteering is totally optional. We welcome wonderful volunteers in the programs and events we plan for the year, but the amount of involvement with the PTSA is your choice. Becoming a member is enough. Volunteering is NOT required.

Do I need to come to meetings?

No, you don't have to attend any meetings, but we would love to see you and meet you if you want to attend. We use our membership meetings to communicate important information and share programs on topics of interest to our families. Meetings are a great way to connect with other people in our community and learn about what is happening at North Creek.