North Creek Artists!

It's time for the 2022 - 2023 Reflections art contest!

What is Reflections?
The Reflections Program is a National PTA and WSPTA cultural arts competition. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works for the theme of "Show Your Voice!"

Why Reflections?
Reflections is so much more than "just an art contest."  It helps kids take risks, be inspired, think creatively, receive positive recognition, and be celebrated for their works of art.  It also allows our community to celebrate creativity in our students! Studies have shown there is a relationship between the arts and health and well-being across one’s lifespan. 

Check out the promo video here:

Step1 : Download the Student Entry Form and review the rules for your category

 NOTE: If the download function does not work on your computer, you are able to Print - Save to PDF as an alternative. 

Contact us if you have any issues accessing the category files above.  

Step 2: Create your art

Step 3: Submit your art to North Creek PTSA by November 18th

All submissions are submitted electronically by sending an email to You will receive a confirmation back from us.  If you don't receive a confirmation within 24 hours, contact us immediately.  

Each submission will need to have the Student Entry Form and a high-quality picture of the art or audio/video file.  Photos do not have to be high definition, but they do need to have good lighting, angle, crop, etc. and have a file size that is able to be emailed to the reflections chair. 3D art will have additional photos required and music submissions will need an extra notation file required.  See below for the specific compliance requirements for each category. 

Your art will be judged at the Northshore Council level in December with the opportunity to move on to the State and National level if your art qualifies.  Thank you so much for your participation and have a wonderful time SHOWING YOUR VOICE!

Note: Ensure your submission is compliant


  • No names or labels on the artwork. The artists' names should only appear on the entry form
  • Student signatures can be typed on to the entry forms
  • Parent or guardian must sign entry forms


  • You can submit up to 6 pieces to Council in the Special Artist category over and above the 20 piece limit.
  • Please see allowable accommodations for this category on the Rules/Guidelines document
  • Please confirm with parent/guardian that their student is eligible for this category (we do not require any details beyond confirmation)


  • Must not exceed 2000 words 
  • No name on the front
  • Number each page


  • A single print/digital image will only be accepted. No graphics or letters allowed. Multiple collage pictures and altered photographs are considered visual arts
  • Digital image dimensions must be at least 640x960 (pixels) and 300 dpi (resolution)
  • Accepted file formats: JPEG, JPG, and PNG


  • Include one digital image of artwork with 2D submissions
  • 3D artwork submissions must contain 3 digital images of artwork at different angles
  • Accepted file formats: JPEG, JPG, and PNG


  • Audio recording must not exceed 5 minutes in length and 1,000 MB in file size
  • Accepted audio file formats include: MP3 and WAV
  • Notation (score/tablature) in PDF format is required for middle and high school divisions


  • Video must not exceed 5 minutes in length and 1,000 MB in file size.
  • Accepted file formats include: AVI and MP4
  • Cite background music on entry form


  • Video must not exceed 5 minutes in length and 1,000 MB in file size.
  • Accepted file formats include: AVI and MP4
  • Cite background music on entry form