Sponsor a Family for Thanksgiving 


Thanks to everyone's generous support,
we have collected enough to provide all families who requested a Thanksgiving Meal!

Thank you SO much!

Meals will include (or similar based on availability):

Turkey Cranberry Sauce
Stuffing Chicken Stock
 Potatoes Gravy
Rolls Pie
Vegetable Side Dis                                   


Any donations in excess of what we need for Thanksgiving Meals,
we will use the excess to supply the Food Pantry, as needed.


Looking for another way to help?

Check out our December Gift Card Drive!

We are requesting PHYSICAL gift cards...

Learn more.


North Creek High School PTSA is a 501c3 and all donations made are tax deductible.


Want to donate in another way?

If you are interested in donating food items to our pantry,
please find all the ways to help on our Stock the Pantry page.